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    Girls wanna have fun

About Bartexts.com

We come from a very diverse business and technical background. Our entrepreneurial spirits give us the mindset to seek out and fill those opportunities which create more efficient and profitable business. Bartexts.com is one of our opportunity fillers. We are creating and running this site and service to provide a direct link between the business and the customer. We specialize in direct SMS marketing which entails delivering a text message directly to the user’s cell phone.

Good for the Members

All those who sign up receive the service free of charge. They'll have the ability to pick and choose the bar/restaurant and special that they want to receive and when. They’ll the ability to see every special going for all the businesses that have an account with us.

Good for the Businesses

All businesses that have created an account with bartexts.com will be able to deliver their nightly/weekly special to 100s of potential customers. They can come to the site and update all of their specials at anytime or send us a quick email (bartexts@gmail.com) and we’ll take care of it. Another advantage for the business will be the review section of the site where users are able to comment and rate their favorite specials and nights of the week. The information and feedback you can receive will be priceless for future business.

Lastly, we at Bartexts.com want to provide a great service to its members, business and customers alike. We are always available to take questions, concerns, or comments. Just email us at Bartexts@gmail.com
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